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Hitachi RB24EA (P) 2-Stroke Petrol Blower

Video Review, Unboxing and First Thoughts
By Dean Bielanowski

Reviewed 1st June 2014

Recently we picked up on a great deal from our local hardware store featuring Hitachi 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Tools. The bundle on sale including both a Hitachi Bent Shaft 2-Stroke Line Trimmer and a 2-Stroke Blower. The Blower is model RB24EA (P) which is available in many parts around the world. The deal was too good to pass up on, and I had been looking for a new 2-Stroke petrol blower for a few weeks after my last McCulloch blower finally bit the dust after many years of good service.

So this offer came at the right time, and I jumped on it. I was looking at the more expensive Makita 4-stroke models, and the Stihl 2-stroke models, one of which my father owns, so I will be able eventually here to compare those two models direct. However, I am refraining from a full review of the Hitachi blower until I have used it for at least a few months and until it has a good number of hours on the engine and parts.

In the meantime, I have stepped into the modern age of YouTube and video production, and have completed a detailed unboxing and overview video of this tool, and soon after, a video showing the first start and run-in use of the RB24EA Blower.

A little further down the track, I'll complete the full text review once I have a few more hours of use. But to begin with, take a look at the Unboxing and Overview video below. Be sure to watch in Full HD 1080p quality, and Like and Subscribe to our new YouTube channel to stay up to date with our product reviews.


Here's Part 2 of the video review of the Hitachi RB24EA. In this video we gas up the blower, film the first ever start of the tool, discuss run-in procedure and general starting procedure, maintenance and more. In addition, we also show the tool in use (at half-throttle) around the house and then I provide my first thoughts on the tool after 5 days of ownership. Check out Part 2 of the review below.

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