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Dowelmax self centering doweling jig


The Dowelmax Kit makes solid, exact joints of practically any arrangement from 3/4"x3/4" to 4"x4" of any length, that are specialist's test demonstrated to be equivalent in solidarity to mortise and join joints. piece to workpiece and through any change. The Dowelmax Kit is an expert quality, exactness designed joining framework that is planned to endure forever.

Dowelmax self centering doweling jig   

The Dowelmax Kit is outfitted with 5 solidified steel drill guides for use with 3/8 dowels. Discretionary 1/4 inch drill guides for utilizing 1/4 inch dowels for 1/2" and 5/8" stock are accessible. Dowelmax joint setups and sizes can be single, twofold and triple column, flush, balance, miter, face and "T" joints. The Dowelmax is a reversible jig implying that it finds the dowel positions on the two workpieces from a similar joint face. This plan combined with thoroughly kept up assembling resiliences of +/ - .001 creeps for the 36 aluminum, metal and steel segments making up the pack guarantees that the Dowelmax is exact and repeatable from work

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