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Ryobi AP13 Planer / Thicknesser

This sturdy bench-top Planer Thicknesser is built to the exacting standards that you have come to expect from Ryobi tools. With it's 1500W motor, this unit is capable of planing materials up to 318 mm wide and 153 mm high at a maximum pass of 3 mm.

Ryobi AP13 Planer / Thicknesser  

Even though most of my timber comes either plained or round I often find myself needing to smooth out rough timber planing uneven boards or matching existing boards on repair jobs. The Ryobi AP13 thickness planer has served me well. Some great safety features include an overload protection switch and anti-kickback pawls which prevent the wood kicking back towards operator.
The feed trays can be adjusted and combined with the rollers on either side, remove snipe. Snipe is a divot that can be caused when the timber lifts slightly upon entering or exiting the feeding trays, applying too much pressure on the cutting head.
It comes with two dust management options:
  • A dust shroud which directs chippings and dust downwards
  • Or the dust extraction chutes to connect your vacuum 

Other features are the pass over rollers to speed up workflow and a depth scale and hand crank that raises or drops the cutter head by two milimeters per full rotation.  A maximum cutting depth of three millimeters per pass is recommended. Remember that a lighter cut, has a finer finish.

The 1500 watt motor produces a speed of 8,000 rpm and with a double cutting blade that's 16,000 cuts per minute. It can plane hard and soft timber up to 318 mm wide and 153mm thick at a feeding speed of about 8 meters per minute.

The planer weighs 30,5kg and has handles on the sides for portability. And once finished the feeding trays fold up easily for storage. It also comes with allen wrenches, mounting bolts and a blade setting gage.

This machine has definitely been a valuable asset in the workshop.

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