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Stanley 10-788 Utility Knife
Stanley 10-788 Utility Knife Small

New! So why all the negative reviews
on this tool from others? Find out here...

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Hitachi RB24EA Blower Overview

New! Video overview and unboxing of
this 2-Stroke blower from Hitachi

Watch the Video Here
Bosch Daredevil Auger/Spade Bits
Bosch Daredevil Auger and Spade Bits Review
New! Fast-drilling auger and spade bits with unique patented features!

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i-Drill 12v Li-Ion Cordless Drills

12v Lithium Ion drills ideally
suited to the home DIY enthusiast

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M.Power 3D Combination Square

A multi-function combination square for your project marking needs.

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I-Drill Oscillating Tool

The must-have tool for any renovator,
re-modeller or handyperson

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Makita BSS611 Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw
that is certainly worth having!

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