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Dean Bielanowski
Editor/Host/Tool Reviewer

Dean is a woodworking enthusiast with a strong background in editing and writing.
He is currently the editor of a monthly hard copy computer-based flight simulation magazine - Computer Pilot Magazine - and works on the weekends to provide content for other magazines, publications, and this website. His written work and reviews have appeared in the following books/publications:

"OnlineToolReviews.com was created to fill a void in cyberspace for detailed, quality reviews of woodworking products. When I was looking at purchasing woodworking machines for my workshop, I went online to see what user reviews I could find to help me make solid purchasing decisions. I found very few, and the reviews I did find were only a couple paragraphs in length, and devoid of any real detail, and many were so biased that they were not believable. I decided then and there to start OnlineToolReviews.com in early 2003 to help woodworkers worldwide by providing as many detailed reviews of woodworking products as possible, which are free to access, and backed up by quality photographs. I have since also expanded the reviews to include general household, technology and sporting products too.

The response so far has been excellent, and I am pleased to see readers of this site and enjoying and appreciating the reviews."
Dean Bielanowski

In late 2007, we merged our general product review website (formerly at net-reviews.com) to OnlineToolReviews.com. These product reviews, which cover a wide range of items can now be found under the "Other Reviews" menu in the Main menu column.

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